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Barcelona's guide for exchange students 2nd semester 2020-2021

Check out this amazing Barcelona guide!

It contains info about:

  1. Accommodation in Barcelona

  2. How to move around Barcelona

  3. Events that are going to happen in Barcelona & in ESADE this semester

  4. Monuments and other tourist sites you can't miss

  5. Amazing Museums

  6. Range of cool restaurants to discover the gastronomy and culture of Barcelona

  7. Bars (Please check if they are open before you go! They might be close due to COVID some days!)

  8. Clubs (Just for cultural knowledge! Some of them open as bars!)

  9. Best beaches in Barcelona and around

  10. Best places to go shopping!

  11. A list of 22 things to do in Barcelona for you to check more things to do! Own check list, we dare you to check each of the points before you leave again!

Hope you enjoy it!

Guide for exchange students fist semeste
Download • 16.51MB

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