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NIE recommendations - Our first hand experience

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Related to the current situation with COVID-19, the procedure may have changed and due to the new measures it might not be possible to obtain NIE without "Cita previa".

We recommend contacting the official authorities,, or the police station in Sant Cugat before taking any action.


It is necessary for those whose primary residence is in Spain to obtain:

1. NIE (Número de identificación de extranjero)*

2. Padró or Empadronamiento – registering with the local town council

* If you are staying in Spain for more than 3 months, you are required to apply for a Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la union which includes your NIE (número de identificación de extranjero). Depending on your age and the program you’re registered in, you are required to provide Program Management with your NIE within 30 days of the start of class. In addition, an NIE may be required for internships, to open a bank account, sign a contract, buy/rent a motorcycle, join bicing, etc.


As ESADE students who have already passes through the difficult process of obtaining a NIE, we are here to share insights and tips about our personal experience and recommendations related to the process.


In order to obtain a NIE you will need to make an online appointment (called “cita previa”) with the local police. Making an appointment usually requires numerous attempts in the system – especially try accessing the website between 8:00 and at 9:30 daily.

Do not get disappointed! It is extremely difficult to make an online appointment and it requires time, so plan ahead.

ESADE will provide you or have already provided you with a document that explains the whole process for the website appointment. If not, you can contact

However, there is also the option to obtain a NIE without an appointment.

!! It is good to know that even if you are residing in Barcelona, you can still get your NIE from the police station in Sant Cugat. There are fewer people and the procedure sometimes passes faster.

BARCELONA address:

Oficina de Policia Nacional Barcelona

Rambla Guipúscoa, 74

08020 Barcelona

Tel: 932 240 610

Hours: Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00

Metro: Purple line (L-2) Bac de Roda / Sant Martí

SANT CUGAT address:

Comisaría de Policía

Carrer Vallés 1-3

08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès

Tel: 936 747 858

Hours: Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00

Necessary documents for obtaining a NIE:

  1. Passport or national identity document + copy

  2. Completed EX-18 application form + copy

  3. ESADE Letter of Registration - Admission letter is not accepted

  4. Proof of medical insurance (EHIC or private medical insurance)

  5. Proof of financial means (fill and sign the affidavit on file on the ISA module or contact

  6. Certificado de Empadronamiento

  7. Payment form Modelo 790 Codigo 012 – for when you have an online appointment

The procedure to get a NIE without appointment in the police station in Sant Cugat is the following:

Go to the police station with all the documents needed prepared in advance

1. Share with the person standing in the office that you are there for the NIE and mention specifically that you are a student from Esade. They might call you in faster.

2. They will give a fill-up form to complete with personal information

3. The policeman will then give you a number for reference. You could ask him to write it on a paper, so you don’t forget it.

>>> Now you will need to print a document related to your NIE and the number you just received

4. For the printing of the document, in our case, we didn’t had a personal printer up close, so we were directed by the policeman to a nearby mobile store close to the police station.

Mobile store address:

Rambla del Celler, 77

08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès,

Barcelona, Spain

5. Visit the mobile store and mention to the cashier that you are there for the printing of the document for the payment of NIE. The cashier will print it. The document has an important bar code on the page that you will need.

>> Next you will have to pay the necessary fee for the procedure and give back the receipt from the bank to the police station

6. The nearest bank is BBVA across the street -

There you pay at the ATM by scanning the bar code from the document and inserting the money (only cash + you can ask a lady from the bank for help)


Instructions for the ATM:

7. Return to police station and give the receipt to the officer that attended you. They will take you in for the NIE paperwork.

8. After signing, you get your NIE right away.

Please bear in mind that this is advisory information and the procedure may have changed. In that sense, it is always good to check with the police station about any possible changes.

We hope we have been helpful! Good luck!

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